Let the celebration commence, your new outdoor furniture is making its way to you! We're thrilled you chose us to furnish your patio space and can't wait to see how you deck out your backyard! While we finish up the last steps of getting your new patio set to you, here are a few tips to help you prepare for your furniture delivery.

Where You Place It

Regardless of which type of patio furniture you ordered, you'll want a healthy mix of sun and shade. Both our lounge and dining furniture feature temperature-stabilized powder-coated rustproof aluminum, UV-protected wicker, and fade-proof fabric - so placement depends on your personal preference. We suggest somewhere in your yard with the best views or closest proximity to your patio doors so you can get outside quicker! 

Clear the Space

While this might seem like a no-brainer, clearing and cleaning the space you choose is crucial to make for smooth delivery. This is a great opportunity to reset and refresh your space. Remove any debris, old planters, or old furniture you don't plan on using anymore. The clean slate will allow you to better visualize the space for all the freshness that will live in it soon! Aside from being super satisfying, pressure washing the space uncovers any imperfections (hint: these make great places to cover with furniture or decor). A good thorough cleaning and any touch-ups will ensure that your space is as welcoming as possible when your furniture arrives. 

Plan a Pathway

As you reset the area your furniture will be placed, it's a good idea to plan out the pathway that our white glove delivery partners will take to bring your patio furniture to your yard. Take a look at the dimensions of the pieces in your order to help determine how much space they'll need. This way, you and the movers will have a clear path without having to worry about obstacles!

Decor & Arrangement

When we created SunVilla Home, we had the vision of making the entire process as easy as possible from shopping through to delivery. Because white glove delivery is free with every order, you're free to make the more fun decisions. If you already have decor from your previous set, now's a good time to give it a wash and get it ready for its new setting! Lay down an outdoor rug to set the foundation of where you want your new furniture to sit (this will also help our delivery agents to know exactly where to place your furniture) without you having to say a word.

Our sofa and sectional sets are unique in that they can be arranged and rearranged in multiple configurations. You'll want to decide on what your starting arrangement is prior to delivery so our delivery partners can set it up to your exact specifications. Luckily, the options are endless, especially with our large sectional sets! Even better, our Perfect-Fit™ covers easily adapt to any configuration because each piece is made specifically for the individual sections - just unzip and rezip the sides to connect each piece into a totally new, custom, configuration. 

Share Your Setup

Once your furniture arrives and you're satisfied with the arrangement, shoot us a message, leave a review, or tag us in a social media post to let us know how your patio furniture has become part of how you live!

If you feel like you're missing something when your order arrives, or have any questions, reach out to us at concierge@sunvillahome.com