Looking for some new patio furniture? Whether you're upgrading your old set or just starting from scratch, there are a few things to keep in mind. The availability of standard patio furniture is obtainable at any big box store, but don’t settle for plastic lawn chairs or a new dining table that will have to be replaced after the first storm. The beauty of all the options of various products is you can identify what makes an outdoor set worth investing in. Most upscale lawn sets are made to be beautiful, not functional. The heavy materials that are mass manufactured are clunky and difficult to maneuver to change up the seating structure at any given time. Sunvilla Home recognizes these shortcomings and exceeds expectations to bring stylish, modular, long-lasting outdoor furniture for any and every backyard. The style sense of bringing a Sunvilla Home collection to your backyard or patio is accessible to the same backyards that see months of 100-degree weather like the ones that experience morning showers for a season. Materials that boast comfort and functionality are available in either collection and in various configurations. 


When it comes to spending time outdoors, you want the best furniture to make the most of your experience. That's why so many people are turning to outdoor furniture made with top-quality materials. With this kind of furniture, you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors in style! Whether you're looking for a comfortable place to sit or the perfect place to host an outdoor dinner, there's an outdoor furniture set perfect for you. Seat everyone comfortably with the sleek and sometimes substantial style from Sunvilla Homes's collection of outdoor furniture curated to include lightweight, weatherproof materials that are still livable. Included with every piece is an equally valuable and unique furniture cover. Beyond its weather protection capabilities, this easy-to-clean neutral-hued piece comes perfectly sized to your furniture no matter which configuration you choose. Below the cover, you can be assured of our collections that fit in anywhere! No matter the climate our collections boast weatherproof capabilities in dry, hot climates as well as in wet, cold climates. This consideration means there’s more time enjoying your outdoor furniture than you are maintaining it. 

Man playing ukelele with family on outdoor patio set from SunVilla Home

Your outdoor space is as unique as you are and needs perfectly curated collections to complete it. Whether your outdoor space features a small backyard, a large patio space, or a medium porch, there’s a way to accentuate your space comfortably. The various configurations that come from the Sunvilla Home collection range feature sets that can be arranged to stand out on a deck or underscore a porch. The sofa and loveseat sets provide optimal seating solutions for parties and outdoor gatherings in any space and can include a refreshment-ready coffee or end table. Outdoor solutions don’t stop there, if you need to fill a larger space the always capable collection of sectionals provides even more seating with a touch of creative ability to move it to any pattern that fits your space best. If you require accents for any of these collections or an existing set, consider adding a bit of Sunvilla Home flair with spacious armchairs that go beyond comfort. These come independently of any other product and can offer extra seating with maximum comfort. Create the ultimate backyard oasis with options and choices for any space as an entertainment showcase or to host appetizers al fresco. 

Even if the space is outside sans air conditioning and proximity to the kitchen, there is still plenty of room for built-in comfort. Your outdoor space needs a space where you can enjoy a nap by the pool or a chat on the deck. The ease of finding a set with that kind of comfort is that they are available through the collections at Sunvilla Home. Rest assured these eco-friendly cushions are built to last. The premium olefin performance fabric is something of a marvel. Not only is fabric important, but it’s also essential for a long-lasting outdoor furniture piece. Along with the weather-resistant frame materials, the fabric from the cushions also has something to boast about. Pair the neutral tones with any set already featured in your outdoor space with ease. Now that your peace of mind is accounted for, relax in the actual physical comfort of the deep seats featured in the Denali collection. Kick your feet up on luxury lounging that will have you enjoying your backyard faster than you think. From start to finish you get your outdoor area ordered, delivered, and set up for you in less time than your best afternoon nap. What does that entail and how will it may your life better? The shipping is quick and convenient, always free, and absolutely satisfying. White glove shipping is no ordinary feature, rest assured when your outdoor set is delivered it will be handled with care and consideration. Sit back and relax from the moment you place your order to the moment you sink into your new set. 


Having a space in your backyard area is convenient and just plain fun. Whether you’re always entertaining or always lounging your outdoor set needs to keep up. Provide ultimate comfort to your lifestyle with an outdoor piece that’s reliable, convenient, and comfortable. Find all this and more with the premium collections at Sunvilla Home. We strive to create a good time in your backyard, made for how you live.